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hi, i'm yoli


I live in Rishikesh India for the past five years and I am a graphic designer with 10 years of experience.

I had many teachers along the way that I am grateful for and my heart is effortlessly closest to Mooji Baba, whose presence and teachings have worked on me and touched me deeply.

Together with my husband Amit we organise annually a group spiritual journey in Northern India.

I study the Yoga since 2013 and in In 2019 I did a Balinese Yoga Pranala Teacher Training and started teaching online classes.

In 2020 Amritae came to be. In this time I have developed an unique process to create logos that brings out the Nectar (Amrit) of the logo in surprising way, full of Grace. So naturally my work became centred mainly on Logo Design.

It has been a long, intense journey to reach in this place of confidence, fullness and feeling aligned with my offerings, and to be able to say that..

This is my Dharma, my heart’s passion and calling.

Yoli Amritae Signature

Atma Hrdaye

Hrdayam Mayi

Aham Amrte

Amrtam Anandam

The life force is linked to the heart

The heart is linked to the truth within

And the truth is linked to the eternal 

Which is the undening bliss


Why work with me?

We speak the same language. Apart from the design experience, I have the knowledge, understanding and eight years of experience in Yoga and more into my own inner journey. I have studied different spiritual traditions and have an open vision to understand any project that brings people closer to their inner truth. 

I use subtle meanings and  make connections that are recognisable only to those on their inner journey, no matter the tradition of religion. I have the knowledge about the concepts and direct experience, going deeply into the real substance of the topic.

I hear you – I communicate with you until I understand what you need. I work with devotion and with deep presence, together with you

The one – Taking the nectar out of the concept and transform it into the best translation through design. I make sure the end result is the one for you and your project. 

Intuitive Design – I am grounded and very practical in what I design, very keen on detail. In the same time I follow my intuition, following where I am being guided and designing in accord with the client’s inner vision. 

Amritae Name Origins

In the Indian spiritual traditions, Amrita (अमृत), in Sanskrit means the Divine Nectar of the Gods, as Ambrosia in the Greek mythology,  that offers Immortality to the sages that drink it.

The well known legend has it that the churning of the ocean by opposing forces of duality produced several essences. Amrita is one of the essences.

This legend is depicted on the walls of Neelkanth Temple, dedicated to an aspect of lord Shiva called Neelkanth and it resides 30 km from my home in Rishikesh, India.  

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