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ॐ Branding & logo design for your spiritual business
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Pranala Yoga teacher

Join me in a practice of self love and self care, tailored to your own needs, where I will guide you, in the privacy of your home, to connect with yourself, uplift your spirit and nourish your body, your mind and your senses.

Branding & Logo Design

Envision a brand identity that is not only beautiful but will convey subtle meanings and your depth of understanding, that will attract the right fit clients that will feel familiarity and connection to your business.


Coherent visual identity through Logo and Brand design are the foundation of any soul led business that wants to build trust and connection with their customers.

Every Design is a Sacred Journey

Amritae Design is rooted in the essence of consciousness and spirituality, harmonising the material and the metaphysical. With each stroke of our digital brush, your brand is infused with the energy of mindfulness, guiding you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and unity.

Your logo is more than an emblem; it’s a portal to a higher state of awareness.

Embark on a visual journey that transcends the ordinary.

Let’s start this journey together and create a brand that truly represents who you are.



A logo is more than just a symbol; it’s a gateway to the soul of your brand. My vision is to create conscious and spiritual logos that resonate with the deepest layers of human experience, forging connections that transcend the mundane. To empower businesses to embody their higher purpose, making the world a better place through meaningful and mindful design.


The design process is a meditative dance between the seen and the unseen. We work closely to understand your brand’s unique story and ethos, allowing us to manifest a visual representation that aligns with your spiritual journey. From chakras to sacred geometry, I draw inspiration from the spiritual tapestry of the world to craft logos that channel universal wisdom.


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Do you have a business that is aligned with your soul?

Are you yearning for a logo that perfectly captures the essence of your spiritual understanding? Do you want your clients to feel the positive energy and message of your business? Do you dream of attracting clients who immediately connect with your unique vision and brand?

Amritae helps you extract the essence of your brand and to give it a visual form, through a tested and refined process proved to be efficient and yield the logo & branding you dream of.

It can be challenging to stand out in a crowded marketplace, but that’s why you are a co-creator of your own destiny. You have the power to collaborate with a logo designer who listens carefully to your needs and interprets the subtle nuances of your message. With unlimited revisions, you can make sure your logo is truly the one that represents you and your business in the best possible light.

And it doesn’t stop there. You can enhance your overall image by developing a cohesive visual identity that reflects your expertise and professionalism. You have the potential to be the shining star in your niche, inspiring others with your passion and dedication.

Elevate your brand to new heights of consciousness, and let your logo become a beacon of spiritual awakening.

Yoli Amritae


Since 2017 I live in both Rishikesh India and Bucharest, Romania and I am a graphic designer with 12 years of experience.

I study the Yoga since 2013 and in In 2019 I did a Balinese Yoga Pranala Teacher Training and started teaching online classes.

Together with my husband Amit we organise annually a group spiritual journey in Northern India.

In 2020 Amritae came to be. From all my years of design in which I gained so much experience and came across so much inspiration, I put together different elements to create a holistic process that brings out the Nectar (Amrit) of the logo in surprising way, full of Grace. I recently started to teach Mindful Branding courses online for small groups of 12-14 year olds. 

It has been a long, intense journey to reach in this place of confidence, fullness and feeling aligned with my offerings, and to be able to say that this is my heart’s passion and calling.


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Logo Design Essentials

Available in 2-3 weeks

Brand discovery / Logo Research
Amrit Logo Questionnaire
Unlimited Revisions
Logo Pack
Styleguide (font, colors)
Social media basic assets
Copyright assignment
Advance payment 50%

Logo Design & Branding

Available in 4-5 weeks

Brand Strategy Brand discovery / Logo Research
Amrit Logo Questionnaire
Unlimited Logo concepts & Revisions
Logo Pack
Styleguide (font, colors)
Social media basic assets
Logo Mockups
Support in finding the right Business Name/Tagline Business Card Copyright assignment
Advance payment 50%

Please note:

As an indication, the prices for the Logo Packages start with 500 Euro. This quality of design is an investment in yourself that pays off for itself in time and offers in return so much back: credibility, trust, professionalism, self respect and it shows how serious are you with your business. 

Serious inquiries only. The prices are subject to increasing periodically. 

Logo Design Process

How we will work together 

1. Logo Nectar Questionnaire

The logo questionnaire I developed in these years brings out the nectar (Amrit) from your project. I get to know you and your project in depth, exploring your project and your inner vision in all its aspects.

2. Amritae Visual Board

The Visual Board captures the answers from the Logo Nectar Questionnaire in visual form. My clients rise in love with their own Visual Board, as it’s depth of meaning and variety in expression overrides their expectations and imagination.

3. Video Call

We have an one hour video call and on my shared screen we analyse and perfect the Visual Board. From the final version we extract together the Logo Nectar, the core meaning and the overall aesthetics, symbols, font styles and colour options.

4. Design

The logo design is a co-creation between you and me. I design the first sketches and we keep refining until we both say: Yes, this is it! Unlimited revisions and no compromise.

5. Logo Pack

The Logo Pack that you receive with the final logo is an extensive archived folder that contains multiple folders with all the formats that you will ever need. It also includes extra files specifically for social media platforms.

What living in India for 6 years has offered me on the path of being a Logo Creatrix, and how that benefits you:​

ॐ Discipline – supported me in developing a logo process that gives a great structure and reveals the logo nectar (🍯 Amrit)
ॐ Clarity – to discern if me and my potential clients are a good vibrational match and if there is an inner readiness to start the process
ॐ Knowledge – to speak the same language with my clients, that is behind any spiritual tradition
ॐ Devotion – to be of service with my whole being
ॐ Depth – to seek the deeper meaning in the logo vision
ॐ Presence – to feel into what is called for moment by moment
ॐ Surrender – not to be attached to any concept, allowing new directions
ॐ Patience – unlimited revisions, with no compromise, until the logo is The One
ॐ Faith – an infinite trust in the process, that the logo will reveal itself.

The Logo Pack

The logo pack that you receive with the final logo is an extensive archived folder that contains multiple folders with all the formats that you might possibly need. It also includes extra files specifically for social media platforms.

"The final logo pack from Amritae design is truly amazing. I was so deeply touched to see all of the love, creativity and hard work that Yoli had put into each and every design. The Logo pack itself is so professionally done, it had everything we needed for our website and for all of our social media platforms. Yoli puts her heart and soul into her work. I feel so very blessed to have been involved in this divinely inspired creative process."
Prem Leela Records

Client love

Why work with me?

We speak the same language. Apart from the design experience, I have the knowledge, understanding and eight years of experience in Yoga and more into my own inner journey. I have studied different spiritual traditions and have an open vision to understand any project that brings people closer to their inner truth. 

I use subtle meanings and  make connections that are recognisable only to those on their inner journey, no matter the tradition of religion. I have the knowledge about the concepts and direct experience, going deeply into the real substance of the topic.

I hear you – I communicate with you until I understand what you need. I work with devotion and with deep presence, together with you

The one – Taking the nectar out of the concept and transform it into the best translation through design. I make sure the end result is the one for you and your project. 

Intuitive Design – I am grounded and very practical in what I design, very keen on detail. In the same time I follow my intuition, following where I am being guided and designing in accord with the client’s inner vision. 

Name Origins

In the Indian spiritual traditions, Amrita (अमृत), in Sanskrit means the Divine Nectar of the Gods, as Ambrosia in the Greek mythology,  that offers Immortality to the sages that drink it.

The well known legend has it that the churning of the ocean by opposing forces of duality produced several essences. Amrita is one of the essences.

This legend is depicted on the walls of Neelkanth Temple, dedicated to an aspect of lord Shiva called Neelkanth and it resides 30 km from my home in Rishikesh, India.  

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