Adam and Eve

Adam & Eve

Adam and Eve were two divine children, innocent, pure, like any other child. And they were eternal. And where they were living they didn’t call it Earth, but Eden.
They didn’t have a father and a mother, but the most wonderful possible parent, who protected them and guided them when they asked for it, but did not impose anything from his own mind, but always overwhelmed them with love. He was there with them every moment, unseen, but he was always answering them, full of love.
They grew up with bugs, insects and other souls of nature, learning how to provide care, how to help, learning kindness. Everything was perfection, and there was no mistake, neither good or wrong.

Their home was the nature and their job was to feel and to enjoy all the wonders of life. Every moment was holy and overwhelming. Each dew, each sunrise.
And nature kept them in a constant state of love, and their love made nature grow, bloom and keep them in her loving arms. Under their touch, the flowers blossomed, the beings of the forest were tickeling.
When they grew up, Adam and Eve continued to melt in love for everything around them and in this way, for each other. They loved one another with curiosity, with all their senses. And every touch was sacred. They were no longer Adam and Eve, there were anyone and no one, one with everything.

And all the angels and all the unseen beings were following them, marveling and yarning for such experiences that only a human being had the opportunity to feel on Earth.
When Eve took a bite from the apple, she felt something in her body. Something happened but she didn’t understand what. On the way to Adam the thoughts began. Suddenly she felt something strange, pressuring, that did not allow her to feel everything anymore, disconnecting her from nature. So she discovered Separation.
Then she thought that maybe she doesn’t feel so good naked .. what will the beings of the forest and Adam say about her?! So she covered herself. And so she discovered Shame.
Then she thought maybe she deserved more than Adam could offer her! That’s how she found Arrogance and Pride.
When she almost arrived, she thought Adam surely did not love her and he was probably bored of her! That’s how she found Mistrust.
She passed by a squirrel that had her little tail stuck in a brench, but Eve was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t even see her. 😒
Maybe if she had a smaller nose… bigger boobs. If she would pucker up her lips a bit. What if she wasn’t enough?! For the first time, she felt something unpleasant in her stomach, like a clenching. That’s how she discovered Fear.
She was passing alongside the flowers and the flowers were waiting for her touch but they never received it…
And so she thought about asking her father why Adam doesn’t love her anymore!…. but she didn’t get any answer to her dum-dum question, so, nervously, she concluded that she was abandoned and there is no Parent!!
Eventually Eve reached Adam …
Today as well there is only one Eve – the same Eve and one Adam – the same Adam, with countless faces and names.
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