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Logo Manas Mitra by Amritae Design

Logo Design by Amritae Design

Happy to reveal a new and meaningful logo design for Manas Mitra – a shared platform for wellness professionals who are passionate to bring change in lives of people that are who need emotional or mental support, with a zen/ buddhist/ mindful approach of life. ✨

The emphasis is on the three centres, connecting the mind, heart and instinct, a holistic, all inclusive approach.

The spiritual integration is shown though a Quantum DNA Evolution, known as the Wave of Love.

The lotus is a Zen symbol that grounds the setting. The lotus rises above the mud (our suffering) while still being rooted in the mud (where we live our lives). “May we exist in muddy water with purity, like a lotus.” (Zen verse)
The centre of the lotus is also a protection for the being, a safe space.

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