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Satyam – Ramanam Center

“Some people are born to do the work they are doing. If you work with Yoli you get to know this. Just a genius. She is the most amazing designer I have ever worked with and met. The way she is creating a logo is very unique and special and I felt from the beginning that I was looking for exactly this but have never dreamed of to find it in someone. The way she is dedicated, how she is involving you into the whole process and how flexible she is to exact your needs is more than amazing. I think I am one of the difficult customers she had as I wanted the Logo more than perfect and she was able to exactly realize what I wanted. The most thing what amazed me was that the process of this logo making was a transformation in itself. This is what I wanted that the logo transmits. Deep gratitude to your work Yoli. It is not easy to find someone like you. “

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