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Yoga Pranala Sessions

Yoga Pranala Online Sessions

Join me in a practice of self love and self care, tailored to your own needs, where I will guide you, in the privacy of your home, to connect with yourself, uplift your spirit and nourish your body, your mind and your senses.

Yoga Pranala - Balinese Tantric Yoga

Yoga Pranala is a unique style of yoga that combines the ancient knowledge and discipline of Yoga with Mudra Pranala, an ancient healing art system based on energy movements transmitted to Linda Madani by Balinese shaman Tjokorda Rai.

Yoga Pranala is a harmonious blend of Vinyasa Flow (inspired by several yoga schools including the Sri T. Krishnamacharya’s lineage, Bihar School of Yoga and Hatha Yoga), Mudra Pranala (indigenous Balinese healing art focuses on balancing the alignment of our energy transmitted by Balinese shaman Tjokorda Rai), pranayama (breathing), Yoga Nidra (relaxation) and meditation for self-healing. (

The Structure of an Individual Online Session

Asanas (Postures)

Pranayama (Breathwork)

Pranala Mudras ( Hand Gestures)

Sound Healing (chanted mantras)

Guided Meditation/ Yoga Nidra

Every session starts with deep breathing, warming up the body, stretching, gentle flows and asanas, yoga pranala mudras, pranayama and ending with shavasana or with a short meditation or with yoga nidra.

The online sessions are suitable for beginners and intermediate practitioners, regardless of age, weight or flexibility

Each class is tailored individually, based on the student’s needs and what shows up as intuition. 

Gratitude to my teacher, Linda Madani

I have been studying yoga with many teachers since 2007 in Romania (Bucharest, Cluj) and India (Bangalore and Rishikesh). It was only until i met Linda Madani in 2018 and studied with her in 2019 in Ubud, Bali, that I felt that inner confirmation that I have found the right practice that flows with my inner feeling and my views in life. 

I leaned from Linda a feminine and deeply nourishing way of practicing yoga, where the body follows our inner breath in a natural flow of movements, where everything begins with the opening of the heart, where we are both grounded and in same time open to the limitless energy surrounding us. 

I look up to her as a woman, as a teacher and as a dear friend. 

My journey

My first introduction with Yoga in the form of Hatha Yoga took place in 2007, with a three-month Hatha yoga course in Bucharest, Romania. I was impressed to see around me people of 80+ years doing a perfect forward fold, which I at 20 could not do and I felt their inner balance as they were doing the asanas. This encouraged me to keep going. Everyone was silent and deeply interested in the teachings. So I was introduced to the art of asanas in a respectful and dignifying way.

In 2013 I started a more serious and committed spiritual practice of yoga, consisting in asanas, pranayama, meditation and theory.

Moving to India in 2016 started a new chapter in my own journey. These years India challenged me from all sides and perspectives. A very important aspect was starting to study psychology and human behaviour, which I now find essential for any yogic practice. 

In 2018 I studied Iyengar Yoga in Omkaranada Institute in Rishikesh and joined there philosophy classes.

In march 2019, with much more clarity inside, I had my first Hatha Yoga TTC in Rishikesh, followed by a life changing Yoga Pranala TTC in Bali in 2019, where I found a softer and more nourishing way of practicing yoga. 

In 2019 I started teaching online individual classes of Hatha & Yoga Pranala, gentle yet challenging flows, with emphasis on integrated breath in the flows, heart opening movements and self healing practices. 

Details about the classes

frequent questions and answers

You will need in the beginning a yoga mat and clothes that are fit to the body. The blouse has to be long enough to be tucked in the leggings. 

We will decide together the platform that we will use. It can be Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger or Whatsaap Video Call

Yes, the sessions are available for anyone, regardless of their experience, age or fitness level. We will start with gentle flows that allow to stretch the body in a slow and kind way, at your own pace.

Yes, we can have group session and create a package for all of you. 

We will decide the frequency of the sessions and the timing together. We will confirm every time a few hours before the session, and we will be flexible to reschedule if something comes up on my side or yours. 

What my students say:

I have been enjoying yoga classes with Yoli for over one year now and already i feel the benefits. I used to have severe back pain and being overweight i thought starting any sort of physical activity will only make it worse. My surprise was to see the transformation after only 3 classes i had more energy and i could stretch more and even had a better outlook of life after each session. I enjoy the fact that i can do the classes online from the privacy of my home and i also believe Yoli to be a patient and nurturing teacher. She has pushed me further then I initially believed possible and i am very greatful. Delia
The soul becomes light and calm, and a tranquil smile stays with me long time after our yoga class. I would never have believed that this could happen, and especially that I can understand so well the explanation of all the movements in an online session. Thank you, Yoli
I had this thought that, I can't do this or that, but Yoli, with patience and kindness, taught me that everybody has their own needs of spiritual practice and every class can be molded for my emotional and physihical reality. Step by step, growth happened. I started feeling more emotionally grounded, mentally and phisycaly stronger. Pace and love! 🙏🙏
Graphic Designer
Every time we meet I feel so good and energised, you are like a balm for my body and soul! When we first met online, I was stiff and depressed, then slowly, slowly, through practice together, my breath got better, my mood improved and my body became so much more flexible. I impatiently wait for our meetings to see what is there new for me! I am sure that the asanas will help me become slimmer, the meditation will empower my mind and kick off the depression for good, plus breathing exercises will help me give up smoking! I am so grateful to you!
Sovereign in your own being

In a world where people live as identities, attached to the material world, seduced by form, in a lot of inner stress and disconnected from their bodies and sometimes their souls, Yoga, as unity, is the journey of the mind melting in the heart. 

It is coming back to yourself and resting in your heart, one with everything. It is balancing the physical body, the mental body and the emotional body. It offers a range of tools that can be used together, depending on one’s needs on the soul evolution, on lifestyle and determination.

Yoga opens its wisdom for a deeper understanding of life only for those who will surrender with open heart for finding their own truths. It is God’s opening arms for whoever is ready to receive through the right people, opportunities, experiences, at the right time, through Grace.

Our bodies are under stress: lack of body movement, long office hours on the chair, back pain and body pain, weight imbalances, feeling tired, lack of clarity/focus, anxious, agitated, feeling scattered, digestive problems, immunity problems etc.

Join me in a practice of self love and self care, tailored to your own needs, where I will guide you, in the privacy of your home, to connect with yourself, uplift your spirit and nourish your body, your mind and your senses.

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