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for Holistic Entrepreneurs, Yogis, Authors, Artists, Holistic Healthcare, Energy Workers, Musicians, Practitioners, Therapists, Coaches & more.

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Logo Design Process

initial online meeting

We will have a first online meeting to talk about your project, your needs and your vision and for me to explain to you how I work.

If we decide that we are a good fit to work together, we will agree on the budget  and half of the payment will be required to start.


 I will send you a Questionnaire to get to know your project in detail. 

Based on the Logo Questionnaire  i will create The Logo Nectar – the visual representation of your questionnaire. From there we will build the logo together as a co-creation.

How we will work together 


We will decide together on a direction that feels right to both of us based on the Logo Nectar Visual Board.  I will work and keep consulting with you at all time.

The project finishes when you feel that the Logo is the one. You will receive the Logo Pack that contains all the required files.

The Logo Pack:

The logo pack that you receive with the final logo is an extensive archived folder that contains multiple folders with all the formats that you might possibly need.
It also includes extra files specifically for social media platforms.

"The final logo pack from Amritae design is truly amazing. I was so deeply touched to see all of the love, creativity and hard work that Yoli had put into each and every design. The Logo pack itself is so professionally done, it had everything we needed for our website and for all of our social media platforms. Yoli puts her heart and soul into her work. I feel so very blessed to have been involved in this divinely inspired creative process."
Prem Leela Records

Why work with me?

We speak the same language. Apart from the design experience, I have the knowledge, understanding and eight years of experience in Yoga and more into my own inner journey. I have studied different spiritual traditions and have an open vision to understand any project that brings people closer to their inner truth. 

I use subtle meanings and  make connections that are recognisable only to those on their inner journey, no matter the tradition of religion. I have the knowledge about the concepts and direct experience, going deeply into the real substance of the topic.

I hear you – I communicate with you until I understand what you need. I work with devotion and with deep presence, together with you.

The one – Taking the nectar out of the concept and transform it into the best translation through design. I make sure the end result is the one for you and your project. 

Intuitive Design – I am grounded and very practical in what I design, very keen on detail. In the same time I follow my intuition, following where I am being guided and designing in accord with the client’s inner vision. 

Before we start:

Preparation & Prerequisites

Commitment and being ready

You need an inner readiness to commit to start and finish this together. If you have an inner knowing that you want to create your logo with me, let’s connect and have a conversation to convince yourself of what is best for you. In this way we make sure 100% that it is me that you want to work with before we start.

Trust the process

The entire process takes up to one month, sometimes longer. That is because i work with flow and ease to be able to really be guided and the creation to come through me. That is why i value spaciousness. Please take into consideration this before starting, as I work with more projects in one time and I choose not to work with pressure.

Client love

Other services

Vectorial Illustration

Vectorial heart filled illustrations on specific themes requested. The illustrations are vectorial and can be used on any platform at any size, with impeccable quality.

Graphic Design

  • Online/Print Design – posters, banners, flyers, brochures, business cards etc.
  • Packaging & Label design
  • Event Stationery
  • Outdoor – banners, billboards etc.
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